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Impact2C Web-Atlas

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Impact2C Web-Atlas
In collaboration with blp GeoServices GmbH, a company located in Linz (Austria), we realised the technical development of the publicly available IMPACT2C web-atlas. We have visualised the impact of a +2°C global warming by realising a GIS and CMS platform only with open source components.

Project Description

Understanding a climate change of 2°C, and the corresponding impacts, risks and adaptation in Europe, as well as key vulnerable hotspot regions is the mission of the EU FP7 project IMPACT2C that was leaded by the Climate Service Center Germany, located in Hamburg (Germany). Researchers from 29 different institutions and 16 different countries collaborated and worked together within this project. The atlas was designed to sensitise the general public for impacts and risks of global warming scenarios and to provide information to decision-maker.

To show the impacts of global warming transparent and clearly represented, a content management system (CMS) was connected with a geo information system (GIS). The web-atlas - which was fully realised with open source components - manages the results of the research by means of different subject areas.

The data being used in the maps of the atlas are uploaded in a special area of the platform. Philippe Brandner, CEO of blp GeoServices GmbH, explains "the imported geographical material is provided in a GIS editor. The correlation of colour coding and the single maps takes place there as well as the junction of the different data in one atlas." Datasets are available heterogeneously as they base upon different models and formats. Previews in the Intranet of IMPACT2C allow the verification and - if necessary - the editing of the uploaded data and maps. The CMS puts texts, graphs and maps into a user-friendly format and simplifies their editing. The whole portal is easy to understand and all project partners of IMPACT2C can update, advance and complement their content regularly over a web connection.

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Case studies and Background information

Impact2C Snow Season Length


case Study: Length of Winter saison

The IMPACT2C web atlas is divided in different subject areas - so-called stories - like e.g. climate, energy, health, tourism, non-European hotspots. Inside of a subject area there are further topics available, e.g. expected changes in winter tourism in Austria. Nikolaus Dürk explains: "it is fascinating that the visualisation of different impacts is divided to several layers. This allows user to compare the situation before and after a 2°C climate warming."

The users of the atlas receive a user-friendly tool for easy access on information regarding understanding impacts, risk and adaption under a +2°C global warming scenario. Changing key visuals, informative maps and graphs and clever linkage simplify the search for information. To enhance the usability of the web-atlas an interactive tutorial is provided.

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Key data of the Project

Project start: December 2014

Project duration: 14 months


The web-atlas is available at https://www.atlas.impact2c.eu

Project website of IMPACT2C: http://www.impact2c.eu

Nore information about blp GeoServices GmbH at http://www.blpgeo.at/

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