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Critical Figures

If a service achieves critical figures, an action will be started immediately.

« Security and transparency are essential for any company network. Professional Tools for monitoring and to analyse singe parameters alert early when failures are suspected. »

We monitor selected parameters of the systems which cover e.g. use of hard disks, operational readiness or load distribution. Prospective failures are early recognised and eliminated thereby.

Appropriate software tools (e.g. Nagios) offer a centralised overview of the whole IT of a company and monitor complex IT infrastructures. A collection of modules to monitor networks, hosts and special services and a web interface for data requests are available.

As a service achieves critical figures or is not available any more, the contact person is automatically informed, e.g. by email or SMS. Thereby problems are identified and solved before critical working processes are in danger.

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Anti-Virus solutions protect IT Systems

A professional protection against trojan horses, ad ware, spy ware, viruses, worms etc. is necessary and essential. Anti virus software locks e.g. web based attacks of malware, avoids unauthorized access to data and deletes contaminated data. Automated updates of the software assure full protection of a company and provide secure data transfer.

X-Net Farbleiste