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ElisABat - Electronic information system on Austrian Bats

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ElisaBAt Database
ElisABat is a powerful and customised database that is individually developed for the requirements of the association 'coordination centre for protection and research of bats in Austria' (KFFÖ). It  simplifies many fields of activities and is basis for scientific assessments as data consistency, comparableness of the data and systematic recording are improved.

Project Description

KFFÖ is a non-profit association and commits to (advanced) protection of bats and their exploration. In the past, bat detections and membership administration were managed in two access databases. Additionally, different excel files were used for administration. They were all removed by a central and web-basing platform. ElisABat (electronic information system on Austrian bats) is realised in python/django and simplifies the handling.

The appropriate database model was implemented step-by-step and in close coordination with KFFÖ. Agile development methods allowed continuous exchange with the customer. Particular subareas (e.g. personal data management, bat database, membership administration, role and permission management) were adjusted if necessary. A process to detect different types of bats alerts when there are similar types and ensures the identification of the proper type by asking additional questions to the observer/registering person.

The processed data are already considerable at the initial stage of ElisABat. 14,224 locations, 27,811 observations, 48,783 detections and 3,490 datasets of individual bats were available in May 2019.

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Project start: September 2015

Project duration: 24 months


Find out more about the Coordination centre for protection and research of bats in Austria (KFFÖ) at http://www.fledermausschutz.at/

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