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Secure - Without ifs or buts

Security, stability and reliability - these are the characteristics a gateway must offer.


MOX4 scalable gateway

Memory Only Linux (MOX)

The gateway is characterised through high stability, secure configuration, mechanical robustness, minimum access time and silence in operation.

« Scalable gateways and open source firewalls provide secure connections over the internet and using VPN. »

Our gateway MOX is the ideal solution for your firewall as it is scalable and provides secure connection over the internet and using VPN. 

Our in-house development MOX is already available in fourth-generation and supports complex applications in companies. It is characterized through the easy adaptability. It is ideal for the use for the configuration of special features and the realisation of special-purpose solutions.


MOX reacts completely unaffected in case of disturbance or eventual blackouts, changes are only saved at someones disposition.

Easily Customisable

Gateway solutions that are configurable through using a GUI are quickly overextended when special requirements have to be configured. MOX does not use a graphical interface and offers high flexibility in the configuration of functionalities. Special requirements and solutions can be easily implemented using a MOX.

Stable Updates

Updates of the MOX do not include changes of the functionalities. The configuration is preserved and thereby updates do not cause problems.

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The 4th generation for the future

MOX4 is completely pre-configured and available including the hardware. Additional configurations, add-ons and updates are realized remote. This allows the installation of the latest development when the system is running.

Memory only Linux 4 (MOX4) bases on Ubuntu. Depending on the used hardware, MOX4 has three ethernet interfaces, one slot for a SIM card and two mini PCI-express pins. Therefore, MOX4 provides high resilience concerning the internet connection. Additionally, MOX can be run without any external modem.

The strict separation of system and configuration files enables simple backups of the configurations and allows operations to be safeguarded or restored in disaster cases in very simple ways. Changes of the configuration have to be saved explicitly. This avoids problems with inconsistent file systems and faulty configurations.



MOX provides extensive functionalities:

firewall is by default active for:
  • the communication over the VPN connection of the customer
  • the communication over standard ports of the internal net into the internet
  • the communication from and to IP address ranches of the company
connection over VPN:
  • connections for branch offices and outdoor staff
  • connection to the VPN of the customers
  • remote access
data connection: using an external modem or a SIM card (test of upload and download rate of the used internet connection)
monitoring: through Nagios
backup: covers all configurations and enables simple restore (also on changed hardware)
update: possible during operation


X-Net Farbleiste

MOX can be used on different hardware platforms, e.g. on embedded systems like ALIX, APU or Brik. The hardware requirements are as follows:

  • CPU that is Intel compatible (32 or 64 bit)
  • at least 2GB RAM
  • 3 x ethernet 10/100/1000Mbit RJ45
  • 1 x serial port or VGA
  • small SSD or CF card
X-Net Farbleiste

Mobile MOX

The MOX can be used with an mobile HSDPA modem. Thereby, mobile VPN gateways can be implemented. Operation areas are e.g. peripheral controlling and mechanical equipment as well as mobile infrastructures (train, car, container, air plane etc.).

Dual Mox

Two MOX are redundantly connected to guarantee high reliability during running operations.


'VPN tunnel in a tunnel'

This method allows the integration of external development environments in local systems. Therby, e.g. the programming of Siemens SPS unit in STEP 7 is possible through VPN. 

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