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X-NET / X⁵

The first copy system that records up to 80 SSD, USB, CF etc. with individual data at the same time. Just-in-time copy processes allow that the fitting data carrier are reliably available in the right place at the right time.

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WSDB Screens


A free software for school administration

The school administration tool called Waldorf School Database (WSDB) is web based and facilitates the handling of recurring tasks in the organization of schools. Additionally, the WSDB reduces the effort for administration and management.

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Ausschnitt DiscMaker


The DiscMaker is the most powerful CD/DVD/BD robot system worldwide and automatically produces up to 4000 individual CDs, DVDs and Blu-Rays a day.

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MyLabel / SNOGG.ME

'Do it yourself - be your own label': SNOGG.ME offers Austrian musicians a platform to publicize their music without any payment in advance.

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High End for Small Business

A secure IT and a network with high system stability are very important. Often, companies are not aware of the importance until problems raise. These problems may cause that employees cannot work for hours or that important data get lost.

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Team Januar 2014

An excellent Team

Our team works interdisciplinary and closely together on several projects which cover different areas. Having fun at work and a comfortable working atmosphere are our characteristics ...

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IT services & software

Server, virtualization, VPN, VoIP telephone systems, individual software, web and domain hosting

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Robot systems & software

for the automated production of individual CD, DVD and Blu-Ray and for further applications.

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Forschung und Entwicklung im Bereich X-Net ExploreResearch and Development

with the aim to realize projects and ideas that are socially relevant and long-lasting.

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Logo X-Net UnternehmenWho is X-Net?

Information about the philosophy, references, cooperations and the team.

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IT Service Provider X-Net

IT Service Provider X-Net