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The secret of our success is the lean organizational structure and the way we draw on various different resources and integrate qualified cooperation partners. Our evolution is mainly based on OpenSource tools that are applied in network, consulting and robot domains.


IMPACT2C Web-Atlas Snow Season LengthIMPACT2C web-atlas: Technical development of a novel system combining GIS and CMS tools to demonstratively summarize the impact of a global 2°C warming.


Our gateway MOX is the ideal solution for your firewall as it is scalable and provides secure connection over the internet and using VPN. It is already available in fourth-generation and supports complex applications in companies.


SSD-CopyingModule.jpgCopying Station X⁵ is the only system that allows the production of up to 80 SSD, USB, CF simultaneously. Each data carrier can automatically be recorded with individual data. Just-in-time processes guarantee that the fitting data carrier is available at the right place at the right time.

GWÖ Bilanz 2013 Titelseite

Economy for the Common Good - Balance Sheet: In the space of time from October 2013 to March 2014, we have created our first Common Good Balance Sheet. Therefore, we have participated a peer audit group.The detailed record can be downloaded (German Version).



Projekt - Careclick SkizzecareCLICK: A new emergency alarm system for being installed in sanitary rooms. The currentless alert switches  can be installed easily without any constructional adaptation.


Kleiner Roboterschrank der X-Net Technologies GmbH.

The compact system case DISCUS X-SL 2.0 guarantees that the professional production of CD, DVD an Blu-Ray is highly secure.


Produziere DEINE EIGENE CD in bester Qualität - ab 1 Stück!

SNOGG.ME: Upload your music, select your case and design the cover. Your music on CD in 3 steps.


DiscMax: development of a design for the robot system DiscMaker

Our school administration tool WSDB is making the coordination and collaboration at schools easier.

odoo, an open source ERP solution, complements our product portfolio


VoIP telephony completes product range

Presentation of the new corporate identity of X-Net - which meant that our chameleon was replaced


Das TurnTable positioniert vorbedruckte CDs und DVDs, um individuellen Zeilendruck zu ermöglichen.TurnTable X-TT 3.0


DiscMaker - freigestellt

Kickoff for the development of DiscMaker: largest robot system worldwide to produce individual CDs, DVDs and Blu-Rays with unique capacity


Further enhancement of OpenRC: Primera devices can be controlled with Linux

E-Mail und KalenderlösungStart of using Zimbra, a high-performance email, calendar and collaboration tool


TurnTable v2.0


X-Net Logos - Geschichtlicher ÜberblickChange in structure to X-Net Holding GmbH with two subsidiary companies X-Net Services GmbH (which is largely identical with the original company) and X-Net Technologies GmbH - all are limited liability companies


Roboter inklusive Drucksystem und CD, DVD bzw. Blu-Ray Laufwerke zum Brennen und Bedrucken von CDs, DVDs und Blu-RaysDISCUS X-RL: enhancement of ADR robots Cyclone and Hurricane



Abgeschlossene Schranklösung für die Vervielfältigung von CDs, DVDs und Blu-Rays - das Roboter- und Drucksystem ist so gegen unerlaubte Zugriffe, Staub und Hitzeeinwirkungen geschützt.

DISCUS X-SL: robot system for industrial needs embedded in a Rittal standard rack



Das Software-Framework OpenRC ermöglicht das automatisierte Brennen und Bedrucken von individuellen, personalisierten und produkt-spezifischen CD, DVD und Blu-Ray mit Hilfe von Robotern.OpenRC v2.x



TurnTable v1.0: positioning system for media


Data-forensic project with Landeskriminalamt Niedersachsen (Police Headquaters for Hannover and Lower Saxony, Germany): automatic reading of CDs and DVDs as well as processing for further analyses

OpenRC v1.x: software framework for use in CD/DVD copy robots to produce individual media


First project concerned with CD/DVD media production for Krankenhaus Kufstein, an Austrian teaching hospital (in cooperation with the University of Innsbruck), in the Tyrol: semi-automatic burning of data (medical findings) when these reach a certain set amount

Tronic fanless mini PC (until 2004)


MOX (Memory Only Linux): arbitrarily scalable gateway specifically developed for VPN and firewall appliances.


Form and name of organization changed to X-Net EDV-Consulting & Netzwerktechnologien GmbH (limited liability company) specialized in setting up and supporting company networks based on OpenSource developments.


Company founded in Nikolaus Dürk's sole proprietorship, with the aim of providing new technologies in the OpenSource sector to small and medium-sized enterprises.