Development of Software & Hardware

We develop and implement extensive solutions that are fully matched to customized processes and functionalities. Our hardware and our software satisfy the requirements of industry 4.0 and can be smoothly integrated in production lines and processes. We also integrate all necessary interfaces and additional components.

Producing companies that are geared to industry 4.0 need flexible solutions which allow secure transfer of data. There must not happen any mixing up in the integration of data. We use forward-looking technology and intelligent software to develop overall solutions that guarantee the necessary flexibility as well as data security and process stability.

Just-in-time production and mass production of individualized data carrier are our main focus. In this area, we develop and support production lines for producing companies all over the world. Basis for the realization of projects is our extensive know-how resulting from the installation and support of company networks.

Besides of our ambitions to create the conceptual design and to implement special solutions, our team is available for the support of the installations. The support can take place completely remote or, on customer demand, on site.

Examples of use


SSD/CF/USB Copy Station X⁵

Our high-end copy station X⁵ is equipped with up to 80 slots. It is the biggest scalable copy system available on the market and designed for industrial and professional use. X⁵ enables writing data on SSD, CF, SD, USB etc. Additionally, different types of media can be mixed. The speed of X⁵ is unique too: media is copyied on each slot with up to 140MByte/s.

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DiscMaker: Worlds largest CD/DVD/BD robot system

The DiscMaker contains up to 30 burning devices and up to three printing systems and is able to produce up to 4000 CDs, DVDs and Blu-Rays a day. Though we focus on the single copy: each medium is customized and can have an individual content and can be individually labeled.

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Kleiner Roboterschrank der X-Net Technologies GmbH. Case studies

Our solutions for the automated production of individual SSD, CF, USB, CD, DVD or Blu-Ray are flexible and adapted to the specific requirements of our customers. The case studies show an overview of the possible application areas.

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careCLICK is an intuitive emergency call system. It is easy to install and can be adapted flexible. careCLICK is used in sanitary rooms as well as in living rooms and bed rooms.

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