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Robot Cluster

The software framework OpenRC allows the clustering CD/DVD/BD robot systems that are different of their size and even are produced from different manufacturer.
Robot Cluster

DISCUS X-SL robot cluster

A robot cluster can link numerous robot systems that are situated at one location or at different locations all over the world. The controlling and monitoring takes place over one web GUI, e.g. through the main office.

Die Produktion von CDs, DVDs und Blu-Rays kann auf unterschiedliche Robotersysteme verteilt werden. Diese sind über das Netzwerk verbunden und werden je nach Last, Standort, Verfügbarkeit etc. für die Vervielfältigung herangezogen.The media production can be completely integrated in existing working processes and procedures and is fully adapted to the needs and requirements of our customers. The following scenarios are possible:

  • The production is started automatically, e.g. when the ERP system receives all information that belong to a product, a file folder has reached a defined size etc., and the corresponding robot system is allocated automatically (e.g. through location settings, load balancing or working load etc.).
  • An employee starts the production over a web GUI, the media is burned and printed at the robot system that is assigned.


The data itself can be stored on centralized server or be spread on a number of server (even in different locations).

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