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Printing Systems

Robot systems of the DISCUS series can be arranged with different printing systems. Our software supports especially the printing methods thermo re-transfer and thermo transfer, but ink jet is also possible. Additionally, the printing system can be changed subsequently without changing the whole robotic.
Printing Systems

Printing Systems to label CDs, DVDs and Blu-Rays

Ein Roboter mit TurnTable und Drucksystem ist die perfekte Lösung, um vorbedruckte CDs und DVDs mit einem individuellen Eindruck zu vershen.TurnTable X-TT 3.0 for using pre-printed discs

With TurnTable X-TT 3.0, pre-printed discs are positioned with the help of a positioning line on the bottom side of the blank disc. Afterwards a few lines of individual information are printed on the disc, mostly with the method of Thermo Transfer. Also, other printing methods are possible for the individual imprint.

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Drucker zum Bedrucken von CD, DVD und Blu-Ray im Thermo-ReTransfer Verfahren (400 dpi, Vollflächendruck color)Thermo Re-Transfer

This printing methods labels CDs, DVDs and Blu-Rays in the best possible quality. Thermo re-transfer printer permit high resolution and full-area photo-realistic prints, to satisfy the needs of discerning customers.

The required motive is coated on a re-transfer ribbon and is then - through heating - transfered on the media. Because of the special printing method, the print is scratch- and water-proof as well as UV resistant.


Drucker zum Bedrucken von CDs, DVDs und Blu-Rays im Thermo-Transfer Verfahren (zumeist schwarz/weiß)Thermo Transfer

Between the disc and the printing head, a coated transfer ribbon is positioned. Through selective heating, the color peels away on the intended places and the motive is transfered to the media. Because of the especially clean surface, an exact and high resolution labeling is possible.

The method of thermo transfer is designed for big quantities, short intervals or pre-printed discs.


Drucker zum Bedrucken von CDs, DVDs und Blu-Ray im Tintenstrahlverfahren (bis zu 4800 dpi)Ink Jet Printing

The labeling of CD, DVD and Blu-Ray with ink jet is basically identical with the ink jet printing on paper. The ink is put on the blank media through small jets, precise printing heads permit a very high resolution up to 4800 dpi.