Advanced rack unit with additional advantages in order to protect the robot system DISCUS X-RL. Each particular component of the DISCUS X-SL 1.0 is specifically adjusted to the professional production of individual CDs, DVDs and Blu-Rays in an industrial production environment.


Abgeschlossene Schranklösung für die Vervielfältigung von CDs, DVDs und Blu-Rays - das Roboter- und Drucksystem ist so gegen unerlaubte Zugriffe, Staub und Hitzeeinwirkungen geschützt.The rack unit DISCUS X-SL protects high end robot systems and especially the professional production of individual CD, DVD an Blu-ray against unauthorized access. At the same time, the rack protects against external impacts like heat or dust. This allows the operative use of the robot system directly in production environments as well as e.g. in public mail rooms.

Each robot system of the series DISCUS X-RL as well as robot systems of the company ADR AG can optionally be integrated in the rack system - even afterwards. The robot system can be pulled out of the rack easily and fast. When moved out completely, the robot system protrudes the rack system over 80 cm.

DISCUS X-SL 1.0 is constructed in a way that allows the integration of additional components like e.g. label printer directly into the rack. Thereby the whole systems allows different functionalities that are assimilated in one hardware. An integrated monitor shows the state of the robot system and of the disc production. Through a inspection window on one side of the rack, the used CD printer can be directly serviced.





Technical Data

base area: 800 x 800 mm
height: 2.000 mm (without cooling system)
plinth height: 100 mm

standard air conditioning for 19'' racks or cooling
with an existing cooling system; the software OpenRC
or a special sensor systems control the air conditioning.
The cooling system can also be assembled sidewise.

insertion slide-in for server: variable elements (19'')
access for inspections: Inspection doors at the front and at the back, side window
for servicing the printer
monitor: monitor 17''


The software framework OpenRC manages all function of the robot. A web GUI allows a controlling and managing by way of an independent platform and location. The controlling is also over e.g. tablet PCs possible.


DISCUS X-SL can optionally be equipped with the following components:

  • Cooling system ranging from 300 to 4000 watt
  • Power management
  • Webcam for visual control of status over the network
  • Remote inquiry program, inclusive of controlled reaction: access sensor (door), temperature sensor, humidity sensor, voltage control, motion detector
  • UPS (uninterruptible power supply) to avoid voltage fluctuation and make up for short power failures
  • Lockable door with slash opening for the removal of created media
  • Integration of additional components (e.g. label printer, bar code scanner, printer for short manuals, written guarantee etc. on paper)
  • Front panel with individual logo


We analyze your requirements and the relevant production environment together and adapt the DISCUS X-SL 1.0 robot systems to your needs.


Download .pdf: Factsheet DISCUS X-SL 1.0