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Content Management System (CMS)

We professionally realize your individual web site. Thereby we take your design requirements into consideration and pay attention to search engine optimization as well as to responsive features so your website is optimally displayed in all current web browser. The used CMS supports you to easily edit and adapt the content of your web page.
Content Management System (CMS)

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The choice of the matching content management system depends on the requirements of our customer as well as on the necessary functionality on the web page. We host and support e.g. web pages basing on Plone, Typo3, Joomla, Wordpress or Plesk. Websites with complex structures or special online functionalities are usually realized with the web framework Django.

To make sure that your web page is perfect and fits your needs, we offer all activities that come along with the implementation of a CMS:

  • selection of the suitable CMS: in consideration of the requirements and the planed content (e.g. text, images, news area, blog) we select the suitable CMS.
  • implementation of the web site: the design of your web page is implemented according to your requirements and to your corporate identity. There are no limitations. We can also prepare the design for your web page.
  • consideration of the current web browser: To reach the optimal presence in the web we realize your website in a responsive way. This guarantees that e.g. navigation or design corresponds to different devices (e.g. PC, tablet-PC, smartphone)
  • hosting, support and extension: We offer hosting and backup of your website. If necessary, we update the CMS. Adaptations and add-ons can be installed any time.


For the design of the surface of a website via CSS, we trust in open source tools. Our company web site ist eg. realized with Plone, because text and images can easily be generated and edited. Numerous add-ons additionally allow an adaptation to upcoming requirements.

Plone can also be used as collaboration tool. find out more




  • Webseite Architektur-Büro, umgesetzt mit PloneArchitektur-Büro Webseite mit Plone architects; special features: automatically generated image gallery using keywords, collections of projects (e.g. having the same keyword)


  • Webseite Urologe, umgesetzt mit Plone medical specialist for urology and andrology; special features: picture line, contacts form, social media buttons


  • Webseite Urologe Thomas Akkad, umgesetzt in Plone medical specialist for urology; special features: text fields scroll downward when further information is required, navigation highlighted with images


  • adventure holiday on a farm; special features: a gallery that provides changing background images, inquiry form, multilingual


  • Webseite Bio-Landwirtschaft, umgesetzt mit Plone biologic agriculture, specialised on rare vegetables; special features: navigation is fixed, images scale with the width of the browser


  • architecture office; special features: black and white with coloured focus on mouse over, content in three columns, multilingual


  • consulting company operating in the fields of technical geology and land and water management; special features: navigation using drop-down menu


  • Webseite für ein Forschungsprojekt, umgesetzt mit Plone research project; special features: internal and external area - access for 12 project members and their team to internal documents, external publications for the target group of the research project



  • web platform for selling music CDs; offers e.g. the production of single pieces, free upload of music, online designer to create cover, booklet etc., assistant to clear the copy right, plugin for facebook


  • CS2.0Archiving and documentation system: developed with Python, complemented through a web portal using Django; key aspects: import of documents, filing of the documents in the file system, indexing of all documents including meta data and key words, search function including integrated web sites, connection of plugins


Screenshot Nachhaltigkeitskompass Fragenkatalog


  • compass for sustainability: companies, retailer etc. can evaluate their business and their products with regard to sustainability; implemented with django and postgreSQL; key aspects: administration (product types, profession, criteria), weighting of criteria


  • Logo MoviementoMoviemento and City-Kino: key aspects: daily program, choice of seat with the help of a seating plan, real-time access to reservation data, export of statistics and analyzes



  • Wolfgang Sima chimney restoration, cockle stove; special features: inquiry form, image gallery drop-down menue


  • political regional party;  special features: adaptation of the layout to the corporate identity of the national party



  • restaurant and guesthouse; special features: slide shows in header and content area, column showing news