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VPN connections

A field worker inserts the contact information into the central data base of his company directly during his customer visit. Afterwards, he connects himself to a machine of the company in the Far East with his laptop and shows his customer the relevant functions live - all this takes place over a secure VPN connection ...
VPN connections

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© Parris Cope / Fotolia.comWhat does VPN stand for? VPN means Virtual Private Network and means the establishment of a secure connection between networks or processors over an insecure medium like the Internet. Through using encoding methods, the communication via VPN is bug-proof and tamper-resistant.

VPN is a communication interface and can enable a complete exchange in both directions. It is also possible that VPN only allows access to defined applications, e.g. the remote controlling of machines.

The using of VPN is especially qualified for the communication between companies and their (worldwide) located offices, stores or field staff. The network used at the different locations or the used processors do not have to be compatible for the communication process. The use of different operating systems is e.g. possible.

Easy handling

We use the gateway system called MOX and free software like OpenVPN or IPSec to realize different applications like the linking of field staff to the companies network. To establish a connection, the employee needs access to the Internet. Then s/he has to start the VPN client and to authenticate in the corporate network. The client visualizes the configurations of the network on the local computer virtually and the employee has access to the data that is saved centrally - as s/he would when being in the company.

Besides the exchanging of data between different locations, VPN solutions can be used to install, control or service machines that are located worldwide. Thereby, companies save a lot of money, as there are no expensive travel costs. Additionally, the connection can be established on demand and fast reaction times are possible.

If there is e.g. any problem, an employee on-site can activate a switch and the VPN connection starts automatically. A technician at the head office immediately gets access and can start with the bug-fixing remotely.