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Virtualization - Efficience Use of Hardware

IT is an essential component of corporate processes and in nearly any branch state of the art. Through increasing requirements on the systems and the administration, a suitable hardware is necessary. Virtualization enables the efficient use of the hardware and helps to save operating costs.

© Rainer Grothues / Fotolia.comVirtualization means that the used hardware, e.g. a physical server, is divided in several virtual server. A number of applications then use the resources of one hardware. As virtualization solutions are mostly independent of the hardware, a virtual server can easily be copied. In case of an hardware defect, the system can rapidly be restarted.

Through the use of virtualization solutions, we achieve the best possible exploitation of the hardware and its capacity. In the same time, the customer needs less hardware. Virtualization not only reduces the operating costs. It makes a contribution to green IT strategies as the energy consumption is reduced and the air conditioning is restricted to fewer hardware that is working at full capacity.

Flexible and fail-safe day-to-day business

The configuration allows the operating of different services and e.g. of different operating systems on one hardware and the applications are highly available. Additionally, the customers receive secure systems as the services can be divided and partitioned.

High system stability, flexibility and expandability of the existing resources are further advantages of the virtualization. Backup and disaster recovery strategies additionally secure the datay.

We primarily use the virtualization solutions XEN, VirtualBox, Qemu and VMWare.