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Mail Hosting

For the administration of your emails, we prefer to use groupware and communication systems that are under open source. Current solutions simplify the administration of shared contacts, dates and emails and enable constant exchange between the employees.
Mail Hosting

Screenshot email administration Zimbra

We support all mail clients that are available, but we prefer to use open source projects. Each customer has different requirements to his email administration, so we implement the solution which fits best their needs. The groupware solutions can be linked to any mail client like e.g. Outlook - we are glad to consult you and to clarify the details. A synchronization to mobile terminals is also possible.

After a changeover to a new mail system, the workflow can be continued as usual. The transfer of the old emails to the new system is possible in the most cases.


Here you can find an example for a groupware solution and an example for a mail client:

Zimbra - high-performance email, calendar and collaboration tool

E-Mail und KalenderlösungZimbra is a capable open source email and collaboration suite and available under open source. We use the collaboration tool to provide our customers simplicity with integrated email, contacts, calendaring, sharing and document management.

Support for standard protocols enables the use of different desktop clients or devices for added end user flexibility. Depending on the requirements, the free edition can be used on the web and the collaboration takes place completely independent from a specific operating system, computer or location. The desktop version of Zimbra on the contrary combines a complete email, contact, calendar and document management tool that is  available offline.

To achieve the necessary security when working with incoming and outgoing emails, the anti virus solution clamAV, which is open source, is integrated in Zimbra. Redundant backup strategies secure the data (emails, calendar, files and documents etc.) additionally against data loss.

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E-Mail administration with Mozilla Thunderbird

leistungsfähiger Mail-Clien und NewsreaderThe capable stand-alone mail client and newsreader is for free and available under open source. The following functionalities are available among others: an adaptive spam filter, security components like encoding or digital signatures, visualizing of html and virtual folder, integrated RSS reader and the administration of numerous accounts and address books.

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