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Cloud Services

Our customers take advantage of using cloud computing and at the same time are certain that their data is saved in an Austrian infrastructure, highly available and securely stored. Therefore, we use well-established open source software and our own infrastructure.
Cloud Services

Cloud Services, (c) Ulf Kossak (

(c) Arnulf Kossak (, cost savings and availability - these key words mainly highlight the advantages of cloud computing. Before a decision for using a special cloud service is reached, important factors have to be considered additionally:

  • Do you work with sensitive data that has to be secured completely against the inspection through third parties? Does the service provider guarantees adequate data protection?
  • Do you know the location the data is saved? Is the storage located in Austria, in Europa or beyond?
  • Can you export your data if necessary? How would you get data out of the cloud if the provider stops his service?
  • Is there any contact for problem-solving?


Hosting of a private cloud

Private cloud means all cloud services that are run and managed by the user. Cloud service software is therefore installed on the hardware of the customer (e.g. on an home NAS). We additionally offer the hosting of cloud services in our computing centre. This guarantees that data is stored in Austria using hardware that is highly available.

Our customers use all advantages of cloud computing, like e.g. location-independent access to data, administration of contacts and appointments on several devices, simultaneous editing of documents or security against data loss.

We analyse the data traffic of our customer and design the suitable cloud service solution. The available data volume therefore depends on the needs and the expected amount of data.


cloud software

We use open source cloud software that is well-established:


The software enables synchronizing and sharing of data that is secure and highly available. The data is saved on storages that are managed by the user. ownCloud supports e.g. the following functions:

  • data storing in conventional directory structure
  • encryption of data
  • encrypted broadcasting of data
  • synchronization of several devices
  • sharing of files and folders with other users, groups or using public links
  • scheduling and coordination of appointments, tasks and addresses


Further information about ownCloud under


The software focusses on the features synchronization of data, protection of privacy and managed sharing of data as well as on collaboration. The functions of seafile can be used with several clients. Notifications and messages ease e.g. the contacting of other team members.

Further information about seafile under


Pydio is an open source software solution for synchronizing and sharing of data. The user interface is intuitive and can be used with any web browser, personal computer or mobile device. Pydio supports e.g. the following functions:

  • files saved in directory structures
  • encrypted broadcasting over SSL/TLS
  • synchronization through using a desktop program
  • administration of user and roles (also over LDAP directories)
  • sharing of files and folder with other user or using public links

Further information about pydio under