CD/DVD/Blu-Ray Production

We burn and label your CD, DVD and Blu-Ray in small series and individual copies. The copying of the media is carried out at our office in Linz.

Our advantages at a glance:

  • We do not only copy CDs and DVDs at any time, we produce DVD-DL, Blu-Ray and Blu-Ray DL as well.
  • High quality copies that are hardly distinguishable from pressed media - including editions of up to 300 items.
  • Printing is completely smear-resistant, scratch-resistant and UV resistant.
  • If desired, we produce personalized media: each CD, DVD or Blu-Ray can be created with a different content and printed with an individual label.
  • After copying and burning, all data are checked and verified to make sure they are 100% identical with the original data.
  • Media can be burned in any data format.
  • You really needed the discs yesterday? Providing a rapid service to our customers is a high priority.

CD-Produktion gr


Why should we still use optical media?

Reports and predictions that declare the end of CDs and DVDs circulate again and again. In our opinion, the use of CD and DVD - especially with individual and/or customized content - is currently at the beginning. What other media can save and store your data, make them unerasable, with personalized labeling and ready to use for marketing activities, all at low cost? Would you give your friends a link to download (e.g. music) as a present?


How does it work?

Simply contact us and send the relevant data and label by email or on a medium by post to us. You can also come and see us at our office and have a look at the production environment.

X-Net Services GmbH
Spittelwiese 15
4020 Linz
Phone.: +43 732 77 31 42 - 0


Our prices:

CD/DVD production

Burning and printing inkl. blank medium
> 100 items 50 - 99 items
10 - 49 items
CD € 1,98 € 2,10 € 2,30
DVD € 3,36 € 3,54 € 3,90
DVD DL € 5,06 € 5,34 € 5,87
Blu-ray € 8,48 € 8,94 € 9,84
Blu-ray DL € 12,46 € 13,13 € 14,45

All prices are stated in Euro and per item, exclusive of packaging and mailing. All prices incl. 20% VAT.
All details were connect as of May, 2013, and may be subject to notification.

Prices for only burning or only printing of blank media on application.

Booklets / Inlays

Booklets and Inlays for different cases are available in diverse variants. Individual design is also possible. Please contact us to realize your visions.

Prices on application.


Besides of classical CD and DVD cases like slim cases, jewel cases or DVD boxes, diverse variations are available. They range from printed card board sleeves, digisleeves and cases in the shape of a book to exclusive wooden boxes. Individual design is also possible. Please contact us to realize your visions.

Polytasche zum Einheften

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Jewel Cases



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Scan Digisleeve mit CD MyLabel





Scan Digisleeve MyLabel





Prices on application.