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Themis - Arrange your digital heritage

Aim of the research and development project "Themis" is the implementation of an innovative service that allows the secure handling of data. Encryption and archiving enable the secure handing down of data from one generation to another. If required, notarial supervision can be consulted.

Themis LogoThemis is the sequel to the project "BackMeUp". In the course of the executed research and development operations, the demand for further functionalities were identified.

The term Themis arises form the Greek mythology and means the goddess of order and justice. According to this meaning, the project addresses the structured administration of the inheritance of the own digital identity. On the one hand, the personal data has to be protected against unauthorized access. On the other hand, the Themis platform should allow the transfer of the digital heritage to the defined heirs avoiding any misuse. Therefore, the administration of access keys and the long-term archiving of data are important parts in the development of Themis.

The scientifical research and the experimental development analyze and value the technical challenges. The implementation of a prototypical application with limited functional range should include a high usability.

Themis is developed inside of a consortium which consists of the following members.


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The project Themis is funded by the Austrian Research Promotion Agency (FFG) in the national structural program COIN - 'Cooperation and Networks'.