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Open Security

We developed together with AIT Austrian Institute of Technology an security solution to protect employees of public bodies and the sensitive data that they are handling.

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Open Security prevents the loss and (un)intentional misuse of sensitive, citizenrelated data held by public bodies. The aim of our research is to achieve a higher level of data secuity and availability, while reducing the effort.

To this end, the feasibility and possible implementation of a centralized security layer will be examined based on our experience with intensive computing, anti-virus and encryption. This layer will control, verify and encrypt any and all communication that takes place on client devices (smart phones, tablet PCs, USB sticks, laptops, etc.). Open Security will be provided under a license that allows both public verification and customization within heterogeneous ICT-system landscapes.

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The research project is organized in a cooperation with the following companies and institutions:


Logo FFGOpen Security is funded by The Austrian Research Promotion Agency (FFG) in the context of the program KIRAS.


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