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Goal of this project was the development of an emergency alarm system that works independent of batteries and other external power supply. At the same time, it should be applicable without additional installation effort as well as without structural adaptations.

Projekt - Careclick SkizzeIn the research project, we collaborated with ATV Elektronik, x-visions and CARGOCAD. careCLICK (that is how we called the innovation) shall provide a practicable alternative to existing solutions.

Toilets and bathrooms of hospitals, care facilities and health institutions for physically challenged people have to be equipped with special emergency alarm systems. Someone who needs help as well as a casualty should be able to trigger an emergency call.

The power supply of most of the existing wireless alarm and emergency call systems is guaranteed through the use of batteries or a conventional electrical connection. develops the energy generation through energy harvesting (e.g. piezo-electric effect). Energy harvesting is the exploitation of electrical energy from sources like environmental temperature, vibrations or air flow. This is mainly used for mobile equipment needing low power.

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Project Team

Foto: Werner Gaisbauer

Franz Neudorfhofer (ATV Elektronik GesmbH), Gerd Rosenauer (x-visions), Nikolaus Dürk, Katharina Kloiber and Carina Waidhofer (all three X-Net Services GmbH); photo: Werner Gaisbauer

The product

Betätigung des careCLICK Notruf-SchaltercareCLICK is an intuitive emergency call system. It is easy to install and can be adapted flexibly. The alert switch is clearly marked with an SOS symbol and therefore self-explanatory. The switch needs little pressure to trigger an alert.

The emergency call system is a passive. Energy harvesting is used to generate a message. Thereby, sanitary rooms do not have to be equipped with electrical power supply. The use of batteries is avoided, too.

Each institution can use as many alert switches as needed. A unique message is created when a switch is pushed and each message is automatically analyzed and triggers the corresponding alert (e.g. telephone call, sending of an SMS).

Each alert is assigned to a single switch and therefore to a room. The database processes the message and triggers the appointed action. Our software controls the whole notification process. The architecture consists of plug-ins and allows the triggering of varying actions. Depending on the requirements of the customer, different communication methods can be used.

Special mechanism allow tests and support of careCLICK. Each alert switch can be cleaned and disinfected.


careCLICK ® is a registered trademark of X-Net Services GmbH.