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Industrial Design for the DiscMaker

Two professional design layouts match the high-end robot system DiscMaker to several operational areas in data processing centers, showrooms and exhibitions.
Industrial Design for the DiscMaker

Picure of the DiscMaker

The DiscMaker can be used in each area that produces increasing data volumes, either for archiving or to give it away to individuals (in a personalized way). According to this, we developed a modular design that can be adapted to several locations and operating areas.

When the DiscMaker is placed in a data processing center where huge data traffic takes place, a functional design is used. The measurements of a 19'' server rack and the accessibility for service purposes at the front and at the back are constructed for the ideal use in computer centers. These conditions cannot be provided by any robot system worldwide except of the DiscMaker.

Der DiscMaker kann mit bis zu 6 Einzelausgaben ausgestattet werden, bei welchen eine CD, DVD oder Blu-Ray einzeln entnommen werden kann.To use the DiscMaker at exhibitions or in showrooms, it can be additionally arranged with single output bins. Thereby, individuals get the possibility to take the CD, DVD and/or Blu-Ray that was produced personally for him/her and that was compiled by himself/herself. The production of the data medium can be watched through transparent lateral surfaces. Also the insight of the DiscMaker is designed. For the use in showrooms, the DiscMaker can be individually adapted, e.g. to the corporate identity.

The companies Hammerschmid Maschinenbau, ATV Elektronik and Kerbl Modellbau were involved at the development. Gerd Rosenauer of the design office x-visions took over the development of the product and information design for the robot system which is constructed for the production of individual CD, DVD and Blu-Ray. The project DiscMax is funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) as well as by the Federal Land Oberösterreich.


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