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Target Group and Applications

The production of up to 4000 individual CDs, DVDs and Blu-Rays a day and a capacity that is worldwide unique - with the DiscMaker, for the first time single copies can be produced in huge amounts. By that, new applications in different environments are available.
Target Group and Applications

DiscMaker in the AEC

The target group of the DiscMaker can be found in each areas, where

  • a huge data volume is available
  • personalized information, e.g. to each customer, is existing,
  • customers, visitors etc. are directly addressed,
  • customers, visitors etc. can choose information by themselves
  • edited data are directly distributed to customers, visitors etc. in huge amounts
  • digital data is linked to printed information and/or
  • advertising and marketing should address individuals.

Der DiscMaker ist mit einem hochprofessionellen Design ausgestattet, um die Wertigkeit der Vervielfältigungen von CD, DVD und Blu-Ray wiederzuspiegeln.

Numerous scenarios can be realized with the DiscMaker. The following applications show examples for the possibilities the DiscMaker allows. They should communicate an idea about the new application areas that occur.


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