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The online platform 3D-FabStore is a market place for designer and creative professionals. It aims to provide a wide variety of 3D objects which can be manufactured in different production processes (e.g. 3D printing, milling, rotating) and also consist of different materials. The objects are additionally available in various dimensions.

Creative professionals can upload their designs and constructions on 3D-FabStore. In their own sub-store, they can sell their individually designed objects. Therefore, they have to define the functionality of the design as well as possible production processes. These parameters are the basis for the production prices. The official selling prices can be defined by the creative professionals themselves.

One of the features of 3D-FabStore offers the possibility to choose different materials and to order an object in different dimensions - as the customer need it. After an object is bought, it is manufactured on demand at the proper service provider. The choice of the manufacturer can also be carried out by the customer. In that case, suggestions are made basing on production places and free capacities.


Access to new manufacturing possibilities

3D-FabStore automatically handles production orders and on demand manufacturing. Furthermore, the whole shop functionality as well as the payment process are integrated. Creative professionals can internationally present themselves and their work in an easy way and fully concentrate on their work - the creation of new products and styles. At the same time, 3D-FabStore facilitates access to new manufacturing processes and materials.

It is a young and increasing future market that 3D-FabStore works on and even co-creates. The accumulation of classic manufacturing processes as e.g. milling and rotating with the future technology of 3D printing offers a wide range of production methods. Future technical innovation will continuously increase the possibilities of 3D-FabStore.


Logo impulse3D-FabStore is a cooperation project of the companies X-Net Services GmbH and EVO-tech and is funded in the context of impulse XL through austrian wirtschaftsservice.